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Creative Bytes is a magazine style blog covering graphic design, web design, book cover artwork, marketing, digital art, photography and art inspiration for creative people.

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  • DHL targets e-commerce with ‘virtual delivery network’ service | Freelance Web Designer 18 March, 2018
    flashdesigner.com.hk - Responding to demand for faster, more personalized service from customers, DHL has launched DHL Parcel Metro in the U.S., which the express company says is a fast and flexible service for online reta…Tweeted by @webdesignerHKG https://twitter.com/webdesignerHKG/status/975346493811867648
  • Magazine Covers by Famous Artists: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Banksy, Fairey & More - Print Magazine 18 March, 2018
    printmag.com - This is the fourth in a series of graphic work by fine artists and unexpected designers. I had originally planned on posting the typography of famous artists as the next in this series. But research …Tweeted by @printmag https://twitter.com/printmag/status/975342058067111936
  • ADVANCED: Draw Complex Shapes & Paths in Photoshop 18 March, 2018
    videotutorials411.com - CREATE THE GOOGLE CHROME LOGO AND LEARN ADVANCED PATH DRAWING TECHNIQUES IN THIS PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL! | Learn about how to combine multiple paths, the Pen tool, and the Direct Selection tool to create…Tweeted by @WebArtFreebies https://twitter.com/WebArtFreebies/status/975341276936617990