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Amberlight: Creative art tool (A review)

I recently purchased Amberlight, and having used it for a week or two I thought I’d post a review on my blog. What is Amberlight? Amberlight is produced by Escape Motions, a company that specializes in producing creative and unique applications and plugins. The... read more

Happy 25th Birthday Photoshop!

Adobe Photoshop is 25 years old! Born on Feb 19, 1990 when version 1 first shipped. I first started using Photoshop during the early 1990’s, so I must have been using version 1 or 2. I certainly remember the early black and white and then red bordered eye icon!... read more

Photographer’s Showcase: ADRIAN SOMMELING

Occasionally I see a photographers work on 500px that I think it would be nice to share with others so they can enjoy the work too! The work of Adrian Sommeling is another example. His photos include expertly manipulated images that have a dream-like sense of more... read more

Calendar concepts on the theme of the colour pink

This was a brief set by our in-house design studio. Each year they create a calendar with a particular theme by distributing out the 12 months to various designers and artists to let their creativity flow to come up with a solution for the brief. This year’s... read more

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