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Creative Bytes is a magazine style blog covering graphic design, web design, marketing, book cover artwork, digital art, photography and art inspiration for creative people.

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  • This Magnum ad campaign puts me in the mood for summer 19 April, 2018
    creativereview.co.uk - Ice cream advertising usually goes one of two ways: seduction with an ice cream as a prop, or brightly coloured family-friendly excitement. Both routes now feel pretty hackneyed, so this new campaign…Tweeted by @CreativeReview https://twitter.com/CreativeReview/status/986938445279977473
  • How To Build The Perfect Homepage For Your Business - OptimizePress 19 April, 2018
    optimizepress.com - Today’s post is a fairly short one but is without a doubt one of the most important articles you’ll ever read for your business. Because the fact of the matter is, many website owners at some point o…Tweeted by @optimizepress https://twitter.com/optimizepress/status/986936456559124480
  • AI Basics: Natural Language Processing with Node.js | Webdesigner Depot 19 April, 2018
    webdesignerdepot.com - For a couple of years now, AI and Machine Learning have been taking over web forums as well as adding to the excitement of eager developers who are keen to give it a go in their projects. I’m by no m…Tweeted by @DesignerDepot https://twitter.com/DesignerDepot/status/986934966633279488