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Hi, I’m Trevor and you’ve stumbled upon my blog. In this section, you’ll find articles, thoughts, creativity, news and other items of interest specifically related to design matters. Click on an article to read more.

Case Study: Systematic Theology Book Cover

This book cover design was for SPCK, a well-known Christian book publisher. The brief was to create a typographic solution for the book cover with an academic feel. I produced a variety of visuals based around the brief and the general feel of the cover as discussed...

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Songs of Fellowship – still going strong!

A privilege... Many years ago I had the privilege of working on some cover design refreshes for a series called Songs of Fellowship. Book three featured the new design first, and books two and one followed on when they were reprinted. I'm excited and pleased to see...

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Case Study: The Logic of Life Book Cover

This book cover design was for an independent author. Once the image was chosen for the cover, I then produced a variety of visuals based around the image and the general feel of the cover as discussed with the client. I've shown twelve of the visuals I produced...

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How I created ‘The Dancer’ abstract artwork

[et_pb_row] It starts with an Amberlight image at it's heart... In this post I'm going to show you a few steps in the process that went into the making of 'The Dancer' - a piece of artwork that has an Amberlight image at it's heart. Please note, this article is not...

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Amberlight: Creative art tool (A review)

I recently purchased Amberlight, and having used it for a week or two I thought I'd post a review on my blog. What is Amberlight? Amberlight is produced by Escape Motions, a company that specializes in producing creative and unique applications and plugins. The...

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Calendar concepts on the theme of the colour pink

This was a brief set by our in-house design studio. Each year they create a calendar with a particular theme by distributing out the 12 months to various designers and artists to let their creativity flow to come up with a solution for the brief. This year's theme was...

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