This section has links to some of my favourite links and design related sources. I hope this will be an ever-expanding and useful resource as I find links and websites I like or help or inspire me, I will post them to this section so you can check them out too.


Book links

Some favourite links to websitea that are related to books or involved with the design and production of books and ebooks.



Design links

Some favourite links to websites focussed on web and graphic design in terms of creativity, technical and production.



Graphic and Web Designers

Just a few of my favourite web and graphic designers that I have found inspirational.




Just a few of my favourite magazines that I have found inspirational.



Music Links

All things music



Photography Links

Some links to creative, technical and inspirational photography websites.




Links to graphics and art software



Technical links

Some links to technical websites that I've found useful.



Wordpress Links

Links to some websites that deal specifically with Wordpress and all the different areas of using Wordpress such as templates, plugins, blogging, CMS etc.



Other Links

Some links that don't really fit into any of my pre-defined categories.


Got a link to suggest for this collection?