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About This Web Site

This site is intended to be more than just a project archive. It is also intended as a personal ‘sketch pad’ for ideas and represents a small part of my life journey. I’ll update the content from time-to-time and I hope you enjoy exploring my world.

Along with my Twitter and Facebook pages, I aim to incorporate general information about graphic and web design, tutorials, fun, technical, links, opinion and inspiration about some of my passions and hobbies in life.

This includes archives of selected work I have done over an ever-increasing time-period therefore some of the older projects on here will inevitably look dated.


Why is the site called ‘Creative Bytes’?

Simply it is a word play on ‘creative bites’. It implies lots of small items of information, and by replacing the word ‘bites’ with the technical term ‘bytes’ it reflects the fact that some of my work, and a lot of the information posted here is, in some way, connected with technology.


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