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Book cover design really does matter

Book cover design can help to make the difference between low sales and great sales especially for self-publishing authors. If your book is already started and perhaps even nearing completion it is never too early to consider how you are going to promote your book to ensure your hard work will end up in the hands of readers. An essential part of this process is the cover design. People will still judge a book by its cover especially if they don’t already know anything about it.


Why use a professional designer?

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What I do

I’ve been involved with designing unique book covers for publishers and individual authors for over 15 years. I’ve also completed book cover designs using chosen pre-built templates. View examples of my book cover design, or my eBook cover design.

I’m Trevor – thanks for stopping by. I’m currently employed full-time, so I’m not taking on any new paid projects. But I might still be able to help you with a small project.

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