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A cardboard box, couple of home desk lamps and a cheap lens later!

A cardboard box, couple of home desk lamps and a cheap lens later!

One of the things I wanted to try is macro photography. I don’t have much money, so at this stage buying light tents, professional camera lights, lenses and so on is too much of an outlay. Instead I set about attempting to have a go at basic macro photography using stuff available to me.

This involves a cardboard box, card, some muslin, masking tape and a couple of desk lamps – well, just one to start, as I’m still waiting for a couple of daylight energy saving lightbulbs to arrive! Meantime, I found that there is a well reviewed very cheap (realitvely) macro attachment lens that you can purchase if you want to try some macro photography along with a £2 shutter release button I found to buy. I already had a tripod that was bundled with the camera.


The following objects were photographed using my standard lens without attachment, and the make-shift ‘light tent’.
Computer Mouse

Computer mouse


Pic of Phone

Household phone!



Paracetamol box (I know these titles are obvious!)


These images were taken using the new very cheap macro lens attachment


Close-up of plug on side of old phone

Interface socket on old mobile phone


Close-up of eyes on cuddly toy

Close up of eyes on a cuddly toy


Close-up of watch edge

Watch 1


Another close-up of watch edge

Watch 2


I know I will not achieve real professional level macro photography using this equipment. That said, I hope over the coming months to see if I can get some interesting creative/abstract photos as this is my main interest. Meanwhile, above are the very first images I took having just set all the equipment up and just seeing if I could get any results at all from my make-shift attempts at macro photography. I have a lot to learn, but I’m quite pleased with the quick first few images. These were taken with only one lighting angle from above.

A few things I did find out – I need more light on the subject – but that will have to come later when I can afford it, and the depth of field using the macro lens is unbelievably shallow – even just jogging the camera very slightly accidently throws everything out! Also, if I ever I do a product shot for something, it needs to be really clean, as every speck of dust shows up on the image – you can see this on the image of the computer mouse at the top of this post. I could easily remove the speck digitally in post-processing, but its better for it to be as right as possible before the photo is taken!

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