A HyperCard Stack Early ’90s (Student Work)

A HyperCard Stack Early ’90s (Student Work)

Further to my previous post ‘A Nod to HyperCard‘ I have recorded below – by scanning my original screen shots – a student project I worked on in the early ’90s using HyperCard – a hypermedia program and multimedia forerunner. The project was to create a HyperCard Stack that was interactive and with some basic ‘animation’. I chose the film director Akira Kurosawa as the subject matter for my project.

I’m excited to share screenshots of the entire project with you here. It was created using only black-and-white low resolution graphics – as you can see from the screen shots. Its exciting because it was done at a time when hypermedia and interactivity was just beginning to be understood as a major way forward in the evolution of computing and information display / access.

The first enlarged screen grab shows the layout of the screen with the various icons and their function – this was the help and instruction screen. I used the idea of a film strip to incorporate the buttons for interactivity. The smaller screen grabs show all the cards in the stack that I created to demonstrate the project.



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