A Nod to HyperCard

A Nod to HyperCard

A little bit of history…

Just been thinking back in the history of web and multimedia and was reminded of an application I once used for a college project back in start of the 1990s. The application was called HyperCard and it was introduced by Apple Computer in 1987. It incorporated what was then still a couple of the important ‘buzzwords’ – hypertext and hypermedia out of which much of what we know today has since grown. HyperCard was very good in its day, but it was a proprietary system that worked only on Macintosh computers.

Information on the internet

Being reminded of my project and of creating a HyperCard stack with the software way back, I did a quick search to see of anything relating to it remains today – and I found a few things including fans of the software even still quite recently, and that it seems from some websites that it might even still be possible to run old versions of HyperCard using emulators and other software despite the fact that Apple ceased selling HyperCard since 2004 – though in reality no updates / new versions were released for a while before that date.

I’m guessing that I would actually have been using HyperCard 2.0 as this was the version released around the time I was working on my project. I think in many ways HyperCard was the forerunner to Macromedia Director and other similar applications.

Does HyperCard live on at the Apple website?

There is still quite a lot of information about HyperCard on the net (I’ve linked to some of the best below) – but I did a search on the Apple website, and there are now very few references to it that I could find – here is one example:

Does HyperCard survive? Why? Whats so important about it?

It seems that there are a few people at least who consider HyperCard to have quite an important place in the history of all that is hypermedia – before multimedia and the internet had fully formed. Some of the concepts that were included in it preceded stuff any internet or multimedia user today takes for granted. See some of the links below for more detail as to why HyperCard perhaps deserves to be remembered.

HyperCard related links to more info and history

Please note some of these articles are very old and out-of-date themselves:

http://www.fanboy.com/2010/06/why-john-sculley-has-this-apple-fanboys-thanks.html (This random website article includes HyperCard as an important part of the overall history of Apple – another ‘nod’ to its innovation at the time perhaps?)

HyperCard today / should return? / something like needed or available?

Interesting recent article here from 2010 about iPad needing a HyperCard type application again:

Suggested modern-day alternatives I found on the web (are any of these any good – or even like HyperCard?)

Add your imput and memories of HyperCard / give us comments / more links and info

Did you ever use HyperCard?
What did you think of it?
Do you agree it should earn a ‘nod’ for innovation at the time?
Do you still use it or one of the similar products still available today like SuperCard?
Do you know of any other good links to articles relating to HyperCard?

Feel free to comment and suggest more HyperCard related links below 🙂

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