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About This Web Site

Creative Bytes is a magazine style blog covering graphic design, web design, book cover artwork, marketing, digital art, photography and art inspiration for creative people.

It is intended to provide both original and curated content from the internet as well as highlighting portfolio work, creativity and ideas.

Trevor is the original author of the website. He initially started the site a number of years ago to showcase and archive his work. He currently writes blog posts and curates content for the Creative Bytes online magazine alongside his own art which you can see in the Creative Bytes gallery. The hope and aim is that this site will be an inspiration for creative people and also a practical help. Get in touch with Creative Bytes to have your work showcased in the magazine, or if you have content you would like considered for inclusion in the blog.

You can also join Creative Bytes on Twitter and Facebook. For a daily dose of inspiration and curated content from around the internet, you can subscribe to the Creative Bytes daily.

Why is the site called ‘Creative Bytes’?

Simply it is a word play on ‘creative bites’. It implies lots of small items of information gathered together in one place, and by replacing the word ‘bites’ with the technical term ‘bytes’ it reflects the fact that much of the content posted here is, in some way, connected with technology.

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