Best of both worlds printed and digital

Best of both worlds printed and digital

Are you missing out on a whole new audience for your book?

I don’t think ebooks will ever replace printed material, but rather they provide an alternative especially for those ‘on the go’ and who already have a device that they use perhaps to organise their life, and which has the e-book capability built in.

For these people in particular the ability to also carry around a large library of books, which would be physically impossible to carry, is an attractive idea and a unique selling point. As the price of ebook readers comes down over time, this will also encourage more people to buy in to owning an e-book reader, or a gadget capable of displaying e-books like a tablet PC or Ipad.

Do you already have a book or books available in electronic format? You’re already on the way to turning that book into an ebook and unlocking the potential for new sales to a wider audience.

You may require a 3d product cover to sell your book in this new market, or a freshen up or re-design of your book cover. A 3d or flat product cover can be produced before the whole book product is finally completed, meaning you can start displaying it on websites and in publicity earlier to begin to drive sales of your book and let people know about it earlier on in the process.

All the above might mean you decide to produce an e-book cover, printed book cover and/or have a printed book cover in some sort of digital format. The ebook cover is just as critical to the success of your ebook (The importance of a beautiful Ebook cover design) just as a printed book cover is (DO judge a book by its cover) for a printed book. Great covers make for better products and better marketing.

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