As some who have read my blogs before will be aware, I was involved as part of the team which developed the website for Biblefresh which happened in 2011 to correspond with the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible from 1611. This was quite a large project, and it was a great opportunity to work alongside Alistair Wearring from the Evangelical Alliance and David Rowbory among others.

Because the project had a relatively short life-span of one year, I am recording a basic summary of the website and some of the functions it included here really just as a reminder of having the priviledge of working on this special project.

However, I. pleased to be able to say that although the Biblefresh project has officially finished, it is set to live on in some form as part of the Big Bible project.


Below are a few screenshots recorded for posterity:


Biblefresh Homepage


This was the homepage of the site. There was a lot of information contained in the site, and we had to design the homepage to provide as much access to the information as possible while also highlighting certain items and giving drop-down menus at the top to allow people to ‘go deeper’ more quickly.


Biblefresh about page


The ‘about’ page included a quick introduction video and three sections ‘sign up’, ‘read up’ and ‘step up’, encouraging people to subscribe to the newsletter and giving basic information about Biblefresh and what it was.


Biblefresh partners page


The Biblefresh partners page presented a problem as there was a lot of information which we needed to include about all the partners involved. We didn’t want to set up a separate page for each partner, so we designed and programmed it so that we could display all the information by pulling it in from the database as a user clicked a link on a basic list.


Biblefresh video resources


The video resources section pulled in linked data from the main database. A menu page would provide thumbnail images of the relevant videos, and the user could click on a thumbnail to get a pop-up containing the video to play.


Biblefresh search facilities


The site included a comprehensive bespoke search facility for finding resources that had been posted up to the site.


Biblefresh training resources


The training resources section, as with other sections like children and youth provided focussed information.


Biblefresh calendar


The calendar section provided a calendar where any events could be added throughout the year relating to Biblefresh. People could fill in a form to have their events added to the calendar.


Biblefresh overtoyou


The ‘Over to You’ section offered some of the ways that people could interact with the website and with the project. This also shows some of the extra bespoke icons that were created for the site alongside ones that already existed.