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Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design

How can I help you?

I’ve been involved with designing unique book covers for publishers and individual authors for over 20 years creating hundreds of bespoke book cover designs. I’ve also completed designs using chosen pre-built templates.

Contact me today to discuss your book and cover design.

If you are a publisher or an agency representing a publisher, please contact me about how we can work together.

Stranger on the Shore 3d mock-up

From short-run digital books and mass market paperbacks to prestigious hardback volumes, I can lead you through the entire book cover design process from creating a range of initial visuals to unique finished and technically accurate final artwork. I will also carefully design the spine and back to compliment the front cover of your book. If you still prefer to use a template, I can adapt a template to suit your exact requirements.

I don’t need a book cover designer…

There is no doubt, people do still judge a book by its cover – especially if they are browsing or don’t already know much about the author. A good book cover design can make a massive difference to the success of any book.

Can’t I just use a book cover template? There’s thousands out there!

Templates are OK. They are like a pre-made set of visuals – that everyone else also can see and also choose for their special and unique book project. Often you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for and so might need to opt for the closest match, or adapt the template which could end up taking longer than starting from scratch.

Trevor has provided an excellent design service for us over a number of years. He brings to every project a rare combination of creative flair, technical expertise and attention to detail – so important in professional design when mistakes or oversights could be so expensive or time consuming. He is 100% professional and thoroughly reliable; but at the same time truly creative – able to follow and interpret briefs but also to volunteer different approaches, often hitting the perfect design solution from his own ideas. Highly recommended!


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