Case Study: LivingStones Emails

Case Study: LivingStones Emails

LivingStones needed a way to communicate to its customers and users via email. I implemented Mailchimp as the email platform, built the list of existing customers and added new ones to the list, deciding on the best way to segment and group the audience into the requested subsets for better targetting.

Once the audience and segements and tags were in place, I designed a basic email campaign template keeping within the brand design of LivingStones which I could then adapt for different uses to provide LivingStones with all their branded emails. Below are a couple of typical email designs. I also create the header artwork for each email, and do much of the copywriting working in close collaboration with the LivingStones team. Regular emails include book reviews, messages for supporters, messages for customers and information about events. We have so far had a very low unsubscribe rate and excellent click-through rate.


Full email sent to everyone on the list for a games evening event:

Header and first paragraphs of a supporter email:

See more about the LivingStones project including brand design, website and shopfront here.

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