Case Study: National Prayer Weekend Marketing

Case Study: National Prayer Weekend Marketing

National Prayer Weekend was a project that ran from 2015-2019. Working closely as part of the whole team at CWR, we created various assets, for a campaign each year to raise awareness, drive traffic and convert to signups for National Prayer Weekend.

I worked closely with my colleagues in the marketing department and also with our co-workers in the design, videography and editorial teams to produce multiple marketing materials including a series of videos, a range of posters, adverts, flyers and free resource materials as well as social media images and emails. My role also included updates to the website in 2018 and 2019.

The following examples are from the 2019 campaign.

Introduction video for 2019 – ‘The Story so Far’.

This was created by our in-house videographer and design team with marketing overseeing the project.

Examples of print adverts for 2019

Alongside a website, we also created social media, and print adverts using our in-house design studio.

We created an email campaign to attract new signups, and different emails for those already signed up.

Below is shown one example email to encourage initial signups. The emails was built by me, working with assets briefed to our in-house design team.

Flyers and downloadable marketing resources

We created flyers and resources that people could download from the National Prayer Weekend website for free and use to promote their own events during the National Prayer Weekend.

Additional marketing opportunities

We also included adverts in our regular publications and publicity for the National Prayer Weekend. We produced this in-house with our videographer. The video features me as the man dressed all in black!

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