Choosing the right colour for your logo design

Choosing the right colour for your logo design

Choosing a colour for your logo is a very important part of the logo and corporate identity design process. Colours can convey a huge amount of subtle or no-so-subtle information, and re-enforce a message or even evoke a feeling.

It is therefore vital to choose well and appropriately when choosing colours for either your logo or your whole brand identity. Get the colours wrong and it could have serious consequences for any business.

Design Mantic shared a helpful infographic about colour use in logos exploring the basics about what colours mean, how many colours to use and using colours based on location. This serves as a concise starter in the whole process of logo and brand design. The science and psychology of colour matters, really not just for the big corporations and giant businesses, but also to local and small businesses and entrepreneurs.

What Color Should Your Logo Design Be: 3 Questions To Ask!
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Have you any experience, good or bad, of colours used in logo design? Perhaps you are trying to create or update your own business logo and identity – what do you think about the suggestions in the above infographic? Is there anything you would add about colour use? Let us know by commenting below!

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