Compromises and Costs

Compromises and Costs

I’ll keep this short!

It is always best not to over-compromise (ideally not at all) on design, branding, usability and/or technology – doing this may significantly reduce the effectiveness of your project and possibly even your organisation or company, whether using printed material or on-line – and you could ultimately go on to loose valuable customers, investors, sales etc – sometimes this can be a gradual process, sometimes alarmingly quick. Keep in mind that investment of money in a project is not always a bad thing, and can be very important in gaining and keeping customers, sales and perhaps most importantly, reputation.

I can help if you decide to out-source you project

I can help with your book cover or ebook cover project by providing design services. There are also links on this site, and on the major search engines to companies that might be able to help you in all sorts of ways. As you may already have read in another one of my posts, I’ve been open about some of your options for web and graphic design or book cover design – right down to the cheapest and also provide links and information relating to this on the site. I also hope to continue to post resources and links to help you on this website.

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