Just a creative and thought provoking area centred around the idea of contrasts – visual, language, historical and so on.

A dictionary definition of ‘contrast’

• noun /kontraast/ 1 the state of being noticeably different from something else when put or considered together. 2 a thing or person noticeably different from another. 3 the degree of difference between tones in a television picture, photograph, etc. 4 enhancement of appearance provided by juxtaposing different colours or textures.

• verb /kntraast/ 1 differ noticeably. 2 compare so as to emphasize differences.

Black and White

The appropriate starting point being one of the ultimate contrasts – black and white…which can actually be used on so many levels – including language and, as here, visually. You can’t combine the two elements of a basic contrast, by nature, they are different, sometimes opposing, sometimes complimenting.

Black and White