Saw this ad for Alice in Wonderland for the iPad the other day. Is this the future of more books I wonder?

I guess it shows the benefit of interactivity and added value, but it perhaps has only specific application – and only certain book types would suit – childrens books being one example. Nevertheless, this shows the kind of thing that is possible with an e-book designed for something like the iPad. From this video, it looks very nicely produced and quite well thought out in terms of interactivity and making use of the extra interactive functions provided by the iPad. Does it reduce the imagination that children – or adults – might exercise when reading the book though as opposed to a printed version?

I don’t think it means traditional paper books will disappear, but it does introduce a new kind of interactive book – the previous equivalent in print being something like a pop-up / 3D book with those little tabs one used to pull to make something extra happen. Of course, many interactive books have been produced for CD-Rom in the past, but not so many childrens books – more reference works.

I suspect that there is quite a lot of work required in producing such an e-book publication, and perhaps quite significant costs – probably OK for the ‘classics’, so maybe it is limited from this point-of-view too.

It will be interesting to see how this area of interactive e-books develops.

Link to Apples iPad hardware.
Link to Alice for the iPad software.