*Update 18-04-16: There is also a Facebook for Business which you could use for managing multiple Facebook business pages. It does have some limitations, but if you are wanting to keep business and business advertising more separate from your personal account, this can provide another option as you can more easily switch between the two, but you do still have to have a personal account associated with the business account to be an admin.

Find out more about Facebook for business here: http://www.facebook.com/business/

Facebook regularly seems to update their interfaces, user experience and new features as well as removing old features. The following information was correct as at 16-08-2015. Please contact us if you spot that Facebook changes or updates this process again in future for the benefit of others. Thanks.


How do I like other pages from my organisation’s Facebook page?

I’ve made this post as it took me a frustratingly long time to figure out how to do this when it was previously much simpler until Facebook updated their user interface and I could no longer perform the operation in the same way as before.

As at 16-08-2015, the ‘easy’ way to like another page – which you can do directly from your personal account – didn’t seem to be functioning correctly. In theory you simply search for the page you would like to add, then click on the three dots as highlighted in the screenshot below and select ‘Like As Your Page…’ where you can select your desired page (in this case the BBC News website) from the drop-down list and then click the ‘Save’ button – simple, right!

Easy way to like other pages on a business page

Well, for me at least as of 16-08-2015, this method seems to always end up liking a page from my personal account even though it claimed that I’d liked it on my business page for which I am an administrator.


Help! The ‘easy method doesn’t seem to work!

If you’ve experienced the same frustrating problem you can try the method below instead – which seems to work correctly – until the other easier method is fixed!

Follow these five step-by-step instructions and you should be able like other Facebook pages from your business page (Screen shots are from a desktop computer):


Step 1 – Login to Facebook and find your business page

Log in to Facebook and then find the business page you want to like other pages from. In my example I want to like the BBC news page from my Creative Bytes page.

The screenshot below shows my Creative Bytes page once I searched, found it and clicked on it when logged into my personal account. Tip: Ensure first that you are an administrator of the page from which you want to like other pages.

Facebook - liking other pages from a page1


Step 2 – click on the ‘View Pages Feed’ link

The red circle above highlights where you need to click next in the left-hand column. You’ll see ‘View pages feed’ and ‘See posts from other pages’. Click on this link.


Step 3 – locate the ‘Like Other Pages’ button

The screenshot below shows the current location of the ‘Like Other Pages’ button which I’ve highlighted with a red circle.

Facebook - liking other pages from a page2


Step 4 – Find the page you want to like

The screenshot below shows the pop-up box that will appear when you click on the ‘Like Other Pages’. In this case I took the screenshot when I had typed into the search box ‘bbc news’ to find the BBC News page. Once you have found a page, you can select it.

Facebook - liking other pages from a page3


Step 5 – Save your selected page

The screenshot below highlights in red the ‘Save’ button that you need to press in order to save the page to your own page’s list of other liked pages. Tip: You can also click the ‘cancel’ button if you want to start over instead.

Facebook - liking other pages from a page4

That’s it – Facebook should have confirmed that the page has been saved to your own page’s list of other liked pages. You can check by searching for it in the ‘Liked by this page’ box of your business page.

I hope this post was helpful to you! Let me know if there are any updates or fixes to these methods by contacting us! Thanks.