This is not a live brief but it serves to show one example of how a simple logo design developed – in this case for a fictitious Christian organisation for information about the logo design process. These three stages are not intended to accurately show the complete logo design process – there are usually more stages including presentation, choosing one logo, revisions, logo refinement and so on.

In this stage, after sketching some initial ideas, I take a selection of the best and start to refine by considering typography to use (if required) and establishing logo-style graphics (if needed), and how they might work together – designing a logo involves many considerations aside from simply trying to capture the ‘essence’ of the message which needs to be conveyed by the logo in relation to the company. Other considerations include technical things like how the logo will work in black and white (and for photocopying), in colour (color is dealt with in the next stage), on the internet, how large it might need to be, tag lines and the size of individual components which go to makeup the overall logo.

BW Logo Concepts

This is stage two of three in the series.
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