Logo project progression example – Stage 3 of 3

Logo project progression example – Stage 3 of 3

This is not a live brief but it serves to show one example of how a simple logo design developed – in this case for a fictitious Christian organisation for information about the logo design process. These three stages are not intended to accurately show the complete logo design process – there are usually more stages including presentation, choosing one logo, revisions, logo refinement and so on.

In this stage, I’m looking at color. Because no-one has chosen a design(s) from stage two, I have done colour alternatives for a number of the designs. Sometimes people will know which design they like best and only require variations and revisions for one or two of the designs, but sometimes it can be quite hard to choose the design and may require a number of the logo versions to be represented in colour to help in choosing the design.

Colour Logo Ideas 1

The chosen design might be:
Chosen Design Idea

This is stage three of three in the series. You can click here for stage two.

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