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London Underground Map design history

London Underground Map design history

I was just pondering great design classics when the London Underground Map popped into my head. It is considered to be a design classic.

It is both visually appealing and works so well in terms of making something complicated into something much simpler by the innovative use of colour, simple graphics and symbols and not being too literal. The age old philosophy of form follows function is certainly not true here. In fact, form and function are carefully merged to work equally together in unique design which helps millions of people every day get to where they need to be.

Contrast – old and modern

Click to view an 1889 Map

A 2010 Map

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In case you stumbled across this blog post, expecting to find the London Underground map you can use, here is a link to the current London Underground Map and other maps.

Image sources:
1889 London Underground map linked from A History of the London Tube Maps
2010 London Underground map – download from Transport for London website

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