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I can help you engage with your customers, target the right audiences and increase revenue

I have many years of experience in marketing creating emails, print and web advertising, social media management and pay per click advertising for small business. Contact me today to discuss your marketing requirements.

If you have…

  • a basic marketing aim, strategy or plan, and have identified your business needs, but you need help turning your plans into reality
  • a campaign idea, but you need help to turn that into engagement with your customers across any – or all – of the main channels in print, email, web and social media
  • a rough plan for a campaign, but are struggling to find the time, or know where to start realising and delivering it
  • identified key influencers for your business or product, but wondering how best to work with those influencers

… I’d be happy to help!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Renaissance man