One of the rarest trains in the world??

One of the rarest trains in the world??

I think this might be one of the rarest trains you’ll ever see! I captured these images near the National Railway Museum in York, England. They must have been moving the engines around and coupled them together to move them all at once.

These images were taken on the fly really quickly when the moment randomly and briefly presented itself from my vantage point – so I apologise for the camera shake, but I didn’t have the time to set up properly, and I wanted to capture the moment rather than miss it completely! I wish i’d been closer at the time, although I might have had trouble getting all the engines in shot had I been a lot closer to them! This train was not static, it was moving – all be it VERY slowly!

Can you identify all the engines in the line-up?


The rarest train (1)?


The Rarest Train (2)?


The Rarest Train (3)?



Click on the link below for a large version of the train (700k) – sorry about the quality, this image was captured in a real hurry!

Super large image of engines



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