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The Pantone Universe

The Pantone Universe

What are Pantone colours? A definition of Pantone colours: See the definition.

For years, as a graphic designer, Pantone colours have been a staple part of life. Using Pantone colours you can achieve colours in print for designs which you can’t using standard four-colour process mixed together – with the four colour process, there is a limit to the amount of colour combinations. Pantone colours can be more vibrant, and are often used as ‘special’ colours – an additional colour printed alongside the standard four, or Pantone colours are used for designs which do not use the four-colour process – for example a design which only has two colours in it.

But now it seems, Pantone want to bring their colours directly to everyone in the form of Pantone Universe.

It’s a nice idea for a company in a specific marketplace to diversify appropriately into new areas. Time will tell if it works, and whether it isn’t just designers and the like who buy the branded products. Because they are bright and vibrant in their own right, and they have a ‘look’ that some will perhaps say is more retro while others might say is modern, I think this idea could well work.

Further information:

Here is an interesting blog post related to this subject: Cheek Magazine blog post

Here are some Google images of more Pantone universe products: View the images

What do you think of the products? Have you bought one? Any other ideas on a similar theme?

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