This is a great idea – idea and design formed from the concept of making something more useable by making it fun by being creative – by making it better.

There’s more to it than that though – it is serving several good purposes, and most importantly benefitting VW although they are not specifically selling anything on the site as far as I can see. It has been done also with having a purpose as well as being fun, including environmental issues – which all makes it more likely to attract interest. It also give a positive message regarding VW as a company, as people will remember the association with the site making things better.

VW have come up with a novel way to advertise themselves and increase brand awareness by showcasing the ideas that people have submitted and presumably coming up with some of their own too. This kind of advertising it seems is not only fun, but it is interactive involving people in the idea.

Furthermore, in terms of social networking and viral advertising, just taking a look at the number of hits on the following youtube video (over 12 million at time of writing) shows you how this has worked. I chose this one as I think it’s one of the best of the best.

You can view the VW initiative site, HERE for more.