This is a large highly detailed pencil drawing of various items which took many hours to complete in my student days many years ago. I couldn’t scan this one in as it was too big for the scanner, but I had taken a non-digital photo of it on an old camera which I then scanned in. It is reduced down quite significantly and the quality of the image is really quite poor as the drawing has also come out darker on the original non-digital print.

I think the original may have been A2 in size or even larger – but I can’t remember for sure, and I think it may now be lost. You can see the age of this drawing by the stereo tape player and the style of glasses. I am still very pleased with this picture after all this time, but it’s not something I’ve ever tried to do again since as it took a long time, and I’m not sure I’d want to do another one this super-detailed – there are other people that do photorealistic drawings that I couldn’t hope to achieve the same level of expertise! For example – Linda Huber or see my Pinterest board for more – but there are many more too – amazing stuff.


Still life - detail pencil drawing