Shore and water reflection experiment
A simple shore and water reflection experiment.


Misty islands
Misty islands




Sunset and rocks

A long while back I created a couple artificial landscapes using computer software (see previous posts – links open in a new browser window – here and here), just for no other reason than a bit of experimental fun! I hadn’t tried again since then, until I decided to have another play the other day. Below are the results. Nothing special I realise, but it was fun creating these items of artwork anyway – the sky is quite literally not the limit in a virtual 3D world!

I think next time, I will try to create a fantasy space scene of some kind – that’s a subject I’d really like to develop using this technique – one day, but working in 3D computer graphics can be quite complicated I’m discovering. I think once you get used to it, it’s possibly a little easier. I’m never sure how these artworks will look while I’m experimenting until they are fully rendered – some work and some fail spectacularly – but that’s part of the fun for me! One thing I have decided is that I need a faster Mac as some of these took ages to fully render – its also why they are generally quite simple images with few elements!