I’ve been pondering the Olympics, as they are one of the current ‘hot topics’ and continuing as I type. This got me thinking about producing some artwork with an Olympic and graphic theme, and I just decided to spend a short while create a piece of artwork for fun which graphically merged the Olympics and the art of graphic design together in one image. Below is the result. I hope you like it – let me know what you think below! Sometimes, I just need to create something – regardless of whether it ends up good or bad!

The artwork uses the iconic concept of PANTONE® colour swatches in close matches for gold, silver and bronze arranged as they would if placed on the Olympic podiums for the winners. The artwork is deliberately placed uncomfortably towards the foot of the overall canvas to emphasize a bigger background setting and imposing surrounding and the blurring image behind represents movement and speed, which nearly all sports involve. This element also gives a contrast behind the static swatches emphasizing movement and speed. This artwork also represents a ‘nod’ to the graphics and printing industry standard PANTONE® colour system. I’ve titled this piece ‘The Colour Winners’



The Colour Winners


(PANTONE® is a registered trademark of Pantone, Inc.)



Have you seen some creative olympic themed graphic artwork – or created some yourself? You can share a link to it by commenting below!