I have been experimenting with a few images I took recently by post processing them with various filters and combinations of filters to add atmosphere or enhance the photograph or make it look retro. Anyway, here are the results of my quick experimentation.
















Love them, hate them or bored with them, Instagram-like images have been around a while now and available to anyone in this digital age, and I’ve seen some great results around the internet which use the filters. I think they will be around for a good while yet, even if people on the cutting edge get bored and move on…which I suspect many already have!

One benefit of filters is that they can add a ‘false’ depth to an otherwise flat and bland image. Since holiday snaps and mobile phone images can be taken in a moment (nothing wrong with that!) without much considered thought or technical attention, the additional filters can help a bland photo have character, depth and contrast – which is great for the majority of users, but it will never fully substitute a great original photo taken with superb composition, lighting and proccessing. I may experiment and use filters more as part of my post-processing to enhance images and achieve a particular ‘look’. The great thing is, you can do it too! There are a number of different tools available to help you both free and paid-for.