Case Study: Songs of Fellowship – Still Going Strong!

Case Study: Songs of Fellowship – Still Going Strong!

A privilege…

Many years ago I had the privilege of working on some cover design refreshes for a series called Songs of Fellowship. Book three featured the new design first, and books two and one followed on when they were reprinted. I’m excited and pleased to see that the series is still going strong with the release of Songs of Fellowship volume 6. This release brings a much needed update of the logo and the cover design while maintaining the essence of the feel of the whole series.

A little history

Reading the history on the website, the timeline begins with Songs of Fellowship in 1979, when the first Songs of Fellowship book containing 53 songs was released. I worked on the Songs of Fellowship cover designs from around 1998 to 2003, on volume 1, 2 and 3. I stopped working on the series after Volume 3.

New Marketing campaign – #MeetSoF and ‘the most faithful member of your worship team’.

Although I was not involved in the concept and production of the marketing campaign for the new Songs of Fellowship Volume 6, I like it. The campaign which accompanies the newly face-lifted songbook – takes the concept of a faithful ‘friend’ that has been around for a long time – which is exactly, in my opinion, what the brand of Songs of Fellowship has now become. Many churches and organisations will have old editions and volumes they’ve used over the years and are still using today. Songs of Fellowship Volume 6 gives another opportunity to refresh and update. Integrity Music, who now produce Songs of Fellowship, have also produced a nice quirky video promoting volume 6 – you can watch it below:


My Original Designs

Shown below are the three final designs for Songs of Fellowship volumes 1, 2 and 3 that I worked on. It’s great to have been all-be-it a small part of this resource which grew from humble beginnings – read the story here.

You can find out more about Songs of Fellowship here.


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