The good old animated GIF – there’s life in it yet!?

The good old animated GIF – there’s life in it yet!?

I had been meaning to create a simple retro animation using the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) for a while just for my own fun but just hadn’t got round to it. However, I spotted this article on the BBC website today ‘Digital artists inspired by the GIF’s resurgence‘. It talks about how some artists are actually using the limitations of animated GIFs to produce an art form which is a mix of stills and ever-so-simple animation to add effect.

I like the concept – smacks in the face of all that high definition, 3D, maximum resolution stuff being sought today – nothing wrong with technology and all that – but it presents a refreshing and creative change embracing the limitations of technology to actually seek to enhance a concept, rather than the concept being limited by the technology.

Spurred on by this, and mindful that all I’ve wanted to do is take a few images and make a straightforward retro GIF animation, I took 15mins to find a series of images I’ve taken that would work. It’s not creative in the way the images are on the BBC article, but it is my own retro GIF animation using my own images – and it brought a smile to my face to take 15mins out to create the animation from scratch and remember how things used to be! I compressed it quite a lot, so poor quality, but quicker download time.



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