The importance of a beautiful Ebook cover design

The importance of a beautiful Ebook cover design

I don’t care who you choose to design your book – just choose well!

Please consider carefully the many options regarding a cover design for your ebook – it may well be one of the first things that potential purchasers will see. It is therefore a crucial part of the marketing and selling of your book. For this reason alone it can’t become an afterthought. Here are a few basic thoughts when considering what to do about your ebook cover image which may help get you thinking.

Beware of the template

Template designs are everywhere – for web and for print. You can get ready-made book and ebook templates from loads of places on the internet, and many of the websites dedicated to self-publishing offer a wide choice of templates – usually as part of the cheaper packages. Depending on your expected market and budget limitations, template designs may be the best option for you. But the biggest two downsides to ‘off-the-shelf’ templates are that anyone can use the same basic template, and often the design concept is very basic and limits your choices. I’m not against templates as a cheap option, but they are a compromise. We may provide some templates in the future, but would always generate a chosen template for you with a little care and thought.

Do Do It Yourself or Don’t Do It Yourself?

There’s always the DIY approach. If you search you will find loads of different software that will create all kinds of e-book covers. Depending on how confident you are, and what you know about software and book cover design, you might find it cheaper to purchase some software and design and output the book cover yourself. But there are a number of potential pitfalls going this route. You need to establish exactly what the software does. As a tool how will it actually help you? Critically, most probably can’t fully help you with creative ideas and design. I would suggest taking this route only if you are confident that you have the time and can produce something creative that you’re happy with both technically and in terms of design.

Not all ebook cover design services are ‘knockout’

There are many companies who provide a bespoke e-book cover design service – a search on Google brings up loads. This is likely to be the ‘heavy-weight’ area – the domain of professional designers and companies. Be careful who you choose both from the point of view of not being over-charged and also in terms of design and technical requirements. Don’t just choose an e-book cover designer because they are the cheapest, feature high in an internet search or have ‘great’ special offers at the time. Look at their portfolio of work, compare this with the portfolios from other services and even in the other options, check comments and reviews about the services and terms and conditions. Ask others about their services. Commissioning a designer to design your ebook cover is something to take time over and consider carefully before committing yourself so you can be sure of making a decision you are satisfied with.

Here’s to you and your ebook success!

As the author of your great new ebook, I wish you every success with your publication. Your well written and interesting content should ‘speak for itself’. However, a weak cover design could still impact significantly on the success of your ebook especially in a crowded market. Consider your ebook cover design as an essential part of your complete book project.


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