The rise of the ebook continues

The rise of the ebook continues

The rise of all things digital (ebooks and apps)

It is interesting to note that Ebooks are becoming more popular especially as e-book readers are gaining popularity and also being upgraded and improved. A news article about the increasing sales of E-books prompted me to write this blog post.

There are several choices for devices with ebook reading capability. Some are specifically for the purpose of displaying ebooks like Amazon’s Kindle and others like such as tablet PCs like Apple’s IPad can do many different things including displaying e-books. You can also use a mobile phone to display e-books.

There is a comparison of e-book readers available here on wikipedia for interest, though one cannot count on its accuracy and I would recommend checking each manufacturers website for accurate information.

One thing that the rise in digital format books and apps has enabled is to allow interaction while reading. At basic level this would include links to associated content on the internet in order to expand on information given, but giving the reader the choice as to how ‘deep’ they want to go into a subject.

With digital books, a reader does not need to read linearly in the same way they might a printed book. Reference books are particularly suited to this kind of additional benefit. Another enhancement is for children’s books and games, where pictures can be clickable and a story can be animated and interactive. The down side to these highly interactive books can be the cost and time to produce. It is most likely that programmers and/or publishing houses will have the resources to produce interactive ebooks and apps.

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