These photos are definitely out of this world!

These photos are definitely out of this world!

I am interested in space and photography – therefore, when I stumbled across the NASA image of the day web site, I saw it is an almost perfect blend of the two!

It has to be said, with Hubble and the images NASA has captured over the years plus all the next generation telescopes and cameras that will no doubt capture ever more detailed and accurate images, there will always be more to look forward to and inspire.

But I also thought as I looked through the NASA images about all the amateur space photographers who don’t have access to NASA equipment and create stunning photographs using standard cameras and telescopes – such an important part of space research and space photography too. Amateurs produce stunning images (here’s just one example) – sometimes very creatively!

There’s no doubt that NASA has a unique collection of images, and I for one am so glad they share those images with the likes of you and me so we can enjoy and appreciate them, and gain a better appreciation of the creation and universe around us. It is inspiring, and for that reason alone it is valuable let alone anything else such as scientific value.

If I had the time and money, I’d love to do some space photography – good space photography isn’t at all easy, and requires a lot of time and can require quite a lot of investment in equipment – so I’ll have to leave it to those who really know what they’re doing and instead be inspired by their work.

Pictures of space and the universe are so inspiring and reveal a ‘natural’ creativity in particular through the sense of sight which has not only inspired others creatively in the realms of real-life space, but fantasy science-fiction, and it influences many other areas of life. Even the sky isn’t the limit when it comes to this kind of photography and creativity! Click on the link below to visit the NASA picture of the day website. Thanks NASA for helping us to see the universe more clearly!

NASA image of the day website

Have you seen any good space photography, or have you taken any space photographs yourself?

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