I stumbled across a couple of small interesting games related to a website by Mark MacKay – Method of Action – which appears like it will be a fresh approach to learning. The site is still being developed as far as I can see. The strapline of the website says: ‘Method of Action is peer to peer education for people who want to get things done. Learn by doing, participating and teaching.‘ – we’ll have to wait and see if the concept and website is successful in due course.

However, I was more interested in a couple of small games which have already been posted as part of the project – ‘Shape Type’ and ‘Kern Type’. These are beautifully simple games. See if you can learn something from playing them, or test yourself if you already deal with typography on a daily basis. Links to both the games are below.

Shape Type interactive game

Kern Type interactive game

What you think of the idea (and what you scored!)…did you feel like you learnt something from playing the game and interactively ‘doing’?